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Introduction to SIFT: Unused Boxes

SIFT - Stop

S - Stop...

SIFT: Investigate the Source

I - Investigate the Source...

SIFT - Find Better Coverage

F - Find Better Coverage...

SIFT - Trace Claims to the Original Context

T - Trace Claims, Quotes, and Media Back to the Original Context...

Find Better Coverage: Undark

Your group is working on a project on designing cities that are better for the environment. What do you think about this source?

Investigate the Source: Fast Company Tik Tok

Cite Tik Tok? Does this seriously seem legit?

AP News

AP News

Investigate: Mercola

Professor Predicts: People Will Die After COVID-19 Vaccine

This (real) site is sent to your grandma by one of her friends. Using the SIFT strategies and techniques you've learned, demonstrate how you might show your grandma that this information has a very high possibility of being misleading or problematic is some way. The actual site is NOT linked here. Please do not visit the site itself as we do not want to drive any additional traffic to the actual site itself. 


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