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Developing Healthy News Habits

Photo by Lora Ohanessian on Unsplash

Photo by Lora Ohanessian on Unsplash

Some Source for World and National News to Consider:

Perhaps one of the most interesting of news sites, presents news from sources that have been classified as leaning to the left, leaning the right, or centrist in nature. While ratings are always subjective to a degree, AllSides does provide reasoning for the its source ratings and visitors to the site can express their agreement or disagreement on the rating. Perhaps the most interesting of AllSides is that it allows one to explore a new story as it is framed by sources representing viewpoints from the far left to the far right.

Axios is an interesting service to consider because of its format. Axios stories provide quick, short overviews of news stories--often with headings like:

  • The Big Picture
  • What's Happening
  • What to Watch
  • Go Deeper (with links to sources for more in-depth sources)

Click here for the: Axios Newsletter Page

Ozy might be a good option to consider because while it offers a large quantity of content, it also offers a curated list of what editors have deemed the day's most important articles. This list, the "Presidential Briefing," is not a list of articles about the President as much as it is a list of articles as they might be presented to a President a "Presidential Briefing" by his/her staff.

Click here for the: Ozy Newsletter Page


Bias/Perspective Evaluation Tools

Bias/Perspective Evaluation Tools:


Assess Your Own Perspectives and Biases:
Click here to take the IDEAlog quiz to assess some of your political perspectives and biases. 


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